Galentines 2015: Share the Love

We all know what the middle of February brings. A overload of red and pink everything, too much chocolate, terrible poetry, and expensive bouquets. All in the name of L O V E. Yeah, it’s Valentines day. I’ve celebrated the holiday as a single and as a couple, with friends and with strangers, all alone and with pets. While I do not necessarily believe you should spend a bunch of money in order to show that special someone how you feel on ONE day, it’s nice to let them know that on February 14th they are loved just as much as the other 364 days.

This year, my sister and I celebrated an early Galentines day (part one for me). Cupcakes and cookies and laughs and lots of love all included.

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As a fan of most holidays, I like Valentines especially because I feel so inclined to wear pink. It’s actually one of the few times a year I will purposely wear the color. Something I like even more about the holiday are all the decorations and crafts. Homemade garland, paper streamers, cut outs, and heart shaped everything really gives me major emoji heart eyes in real life!unnamed5 9 10 11For Galentines 2015, cupcakes took center stage. Strawberry champagne cupcakes to be exact (thanks Whole Foods)! These heavenly concoctions were too sweet not to share. 6 7 8 12 13 14 15 17 18

I consider myself to be pretty damn lucky to have such a rad little sister to spend Galentines with, as well as a bunch of other off holidays. And when the 14th comes along and I’m sitting on the couch watching Sleepless in Seattle with my cats (Growlentines), I’ll still feel pretty damn lucky.


Don’t be a grump on v-day. Smile & share the love, yall!


(Galentines Part Two in NYC will also involve sharing love and lots of pizza.)