Life Lately | In the New Year

Here I am again after taking another 2 month blogging break. Because I always conveniently fall off the WordPress map during the winter months, I’m going to allocate all blame to hibernation. I have been sleeping more as of late, though sometimes it feel like not enough. That’s what a crazy work schedule plus forced upon night owl tendencies will do to ya.

So what’s been going on with me during my absence? Well, I’ve completed two Whole30s and did a few days of a third [Whole30]; made the most amazing Thanksgiving bird; had a glorious week in the Burgh with my mom; got all the pickle novelty gifts for Christmas; took a few hard falls on the ice/snow; whipped my hair back and forth on New Year’s; consumed more coffee than I ever thought possible for my low caffeine tolerance self; taught myself how to weave; cuddled the shit out of all the Murder House animals. Seriously. I’ve spent the last few months tangled in yarn with cats on my lap or shoulders, in my kitchen, or at Whole Foods. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. (Unless I could be animal free on a beach in Tulum.)


Listening to… A whole bunch of Rilo Kiley/Jenny Lewis and Shannon and the Clams. I’ve had these two in my rotation for about a month. Perfect music to sing aloud to in your kitchen. Major emphasis on the loud part.

Regretting… I regret ever letting the cats on the table/kitchen counters. Both now pose as Sid and Nancy’s breakfast bar & prime nap location. I lose count how many times I have to throw Nance off the counter when trying to slice sweet potatoes. Luckily Sid is much more passive, and if you sing very loudly in a Louis Armstrong voice, she will book it for my bedroom. Processed with VSCOcam with e8 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with e8 preset

Eating… Clean. Ugh, you know I hate saying that! But yeah, doing the whole30 a few times around has changed my diet. Mainly I’ve just cut out dairy, grains and legumes, and added sugar whenever possible. Brussels sprouts, eggs, Russian kale, coconut milk, bacon, and Kiku apples are my go-to’s. I’ve been living the paleo lifestyle except for when it’s too cold to cook and my sister and I binge on Thai or Chinese takeout. #NotWhole30 but who the fuck cares. Last Sunday I pre-gamed the Superbowl with almost an entire Papa John’s pizza. No regrets!

Wearing… All my sister’s clothes and too much JCrew. I attribute this to the above. Shopping not exclusively online is kind of fun again! Except I really prefer to just not when it comes to the mall. Still all about that all black errr’thang because I got two pairs of ripped black denim in a JCrew sale! Booyah!

Spending… Too much money at the yarn store.

Planning… A trip to Texas. I always insert <triptoTexas> in this spot. Hopefully In late April. I want to do NIOSA with my dad and then spend some quality time in Dallas with my best babes. And I want to get my cowgirl tattoo. Been saving that one for Denton.

Laughing… At everything Nancy does and at myself. Yeah right for thinking you were going to keep up your outdoor running routine in the dead of winter.

Dreaming… I want to be on a beach. I want to have something that resembles a tan. I want salty air and sand and sun. Whether it’s Mexico, the Jersey Shore, or the god-forsaken Gulf of Mexico, I will turn this dream into a reality this summer. Until then I guess I will just think warm thoughts.

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