Whole 30 & About Fifty-Million Other Things

HI YALL! Can you believe October is almost over?? I figured I should squeeze in a post before the month comes to a close. I’ve been meaning to write up my Dutch Baby recipe for you all to enjoy, but that has somehow moved to the blogging backburner. Maybe tomorrow, after all it is another day!

In other news, I am on day 4 of the Whole 30 challenge and so far it isn’t much of a challenge. Sometimes I have dreams about cookies or cheesy pizza, but I always wake up right before I take that first bite. You go, subconscious! I am making it my personal mission over the net 30 days to bring to you…or the internet…or whoever, really, meals that are not only appealing to the taste buds, but also the eyeballs. I can only cringe when perusing the whole 30 hashtag on Instagram. Sorry MzFit_Momma or whoever, but your “plated” Jenny-O turkey slices and banana protein balls look like shit. and they don’t make this healthy lifestyle look appealing at all. I get not everyone is talented in the kitchen, or works a part time job, or has an iPhone 5-6, or even a camera….but come on. You take a selfie with your fake eyelashes on and matching PiNK gym attire, why not make what you’re putting into your body look as put together as what you are putting on it. I know this is sounding kind of ranty, but if i have to read one more basic ground turkey Pinterest recipe I am going to freak.

End rant.

And so the mission. I will be posting the occasional photo on my Instagram of meals, dishes, original recipes etc. If you would like the recipe, send me a DM or email and I will send it straight to you. I have been Facebook messaging recipes to a good friend and have found it a bit easier than photographing the process, editing said photos, and writing up a post. It’s something I enjoy doing, but since new cat Nancy knocked my camera off the kitchen table, I’m going for quality over quantity.

In other news, we got a new cat. She is fat and fluffy and black. Sid is her name and cuddling/peeing on piles of clothes is her game.

In other other news:

-I’ve been getting back into running.

-I haven’t washed my hair in two weeks.

-My friend Lauren and i are taking on Thanksgiving this year.

-Lauren also recently got engaged, so I am taking on her Thanksgiving week wedding shower!

-I really, REALLY, REALLY want to go the Texas Style Council 2015 conference. All of my favorite bloggers will be there and it’s CAMP THEME. Nuf said.

-Autumn is making me fall in love with Pittsburgh all over again.

-I’m also ready for this crazy winter. Bring on the snow.

-I’ve become quite good at dating.. and I also eat a lot of dates thanks to Lara Bars.

-My Whole 30 is made possible by my Whole Foods discounts and the lack of alcoholic friends in Pittsburgh.

That’s all for now! Sorry MzFit_Mommas of the internetz. I don’t mean to be a bitch. I’m a virgo– can’t help it.

Over the Weekend: Holi-Birthdays!

This weekend was super spectacular! Not only did I get to enjoy three days off of work, but I also got to celebrate 25 years of living! While my actual birthday is today, the majority of celebration happened over the last 4 days!Image

Friday night I discovered my new favorite hobbie! B-I-N-G-O! I have a new theory about bingo, you only win if you have a catheter or oxygen tank or if you are a million years old. Image

The funniest part of bingo was the guy walking around yelling ‘angry balls!’. This guy loved our group and even urged us to come back the next night for FREE BEER and more bingo! Image

On Saturday, my lovely and very talented friend Kristiane came to my house and photographed me  for her blog. She is currently working on a Passion Project. I was just so happy to be her subject for post #2. I even baked her a pie!Image


Later that day, Elizabeth and I ventured to Garland to see Kate in her new part time job at the Generator Coffee Shop! The place was beautiful. A dream, really! It makes me so happy knowing that Lindsey made her dream come true by becoming the owner of this amazing space! I am kicking myself for not accepting the cook position she offered me! Even Kate looks so cute in her little apron! ImageImage

Elizabeth and I ventured around Garland’s seemingly ghost townish square. I bought a Pyrex pie plate, feed bag apron, and green glass insulator at a neighboring antique store. The ladies were so nice! I could have seriously talked to them about baking for hours! ImageImageImage

Sunday and Labor Day were exactly what they should have been: relaxing and full of pie. My friend Jessica wowed us all with a homemade brisket that could easily put any and all of the BBQ joints in town to shame! She marinated it in PBR! It was a hispter brisket!

After such a good day and perfect weekend, 25 is not scaring me as much. Actually, I am very excited to see where the next year will take me! Travel, growing my blog, and being even more adventurous in the kitchen are at the top of the list!

I’ve achieved more than I ever thought I could in the last year! And there is still so much more I have yet to do! Even all of my birthday wishes came true!


I hope you all had a lovely holiday weekend! It was most definitely one for the books. Now it’s time to celebrate just a little more!

Texas Style Council: Part 1

It’s been a little over a week since I attended the Texas Style Council in Austin, a conference solely for women bloggers, business owners, and creative types alike. Not only did I get to mix, mingle, even shake it on the dance floor with some of my favorite bloggers/internet crushes, but I got to network, make new friends, and build upon those already semi-established internet friendships. Now we are friends in real life!


I attended several workshops and discussions over the course of the weekend. It was pretty much like blogging school, except social media (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook) were encouraged during class time. To say I learned a lot would be an understatement! Here are a few recaps from the weekend:


Life Blogging 101 by Jenni of Story of My Life

Jenni is and was a total ray of sunshine the entire weekend. For the most part, her presentation focused on making your blog successful by remaining true to your own voice. You do not have to fall into a certain niche. There are several components to a successful blog: an identifiable aesthetic, quality over quantity when it comes to posts, a unique voice, relatability or the willingness to open up to your readers and share the details- even the not-so perfect ones, and embracing your audience. I am sure I am forgetting a few other things she mentioned… Oh yeah, she gave us all super cute knuckle rings!


Self Photography 101 by Elizabeth of Delighfully Tacky

I recently started following Elizabeth’s blog. As fellow part-time introvert, full-time big hair enthusiast, I had to attend her workshop! Plus, she was speaking about self photography, more commonly known as THE SELFIE! (Taking selfies are one of my favorite hobbies!) Elizabeth mainly focused on the use of natural light and a tripod and photo composition. She also touched base on some of the more technical details like ISOs, aperture, shutter speeds, and manual vs. auto settings. As an owner of a new old DSLR camera, that part of the presentation was particularly helpful. Good thing I am usually home around the golden hour, the best time to photograph!

Freelancing 101 by Tolly of Austin Eavesdropper

When I think of freelancing, I normally think of journalism or writing of some sort. For some reason my mind used to not encompass event planning, graphic design, or other skill sets into the term. Tolly’s blog started out as a side project focusing on the wild yet sometimes eclectic ATX nightlife. By way of her love for the city and collaboration, she was able to grow her audience.

When it comes to freelancing, sometimes you have to offer your services for free, especially when first starting out, and use your blog as a portfolio. It should be an adequate representation of your work and capabilities. It wasn’t until 2 years after the fact when Tolly got her first paying freelancing gig. Her advice: be patient and don’t quit your day job right away!

Big Impact PR on a Micro-Budget by Lisa, co-owner of Newton O’Neill Communications

What makes your brand newsworthy, or, at the least worthy of other people’s time and attention? Lisa gave her tips of the trade on how to make a big splash into the infinite depths of the internet. She also focused on how to accomplish such a feat on a budget slim to none. For the most part it all boils down to knowing your media markets, trends and patterns in the industry, and knowing your readers/users. As a blogger, you should not be afraid to ask for feedback. Also, persistence is key- attend & present at conferences, network, make contacts, and try to always be on the cutting edge! The blogosphere, hosted by the past faced and ever changing world wide web, is constantly in motion! I’ve got to try my best to keep up the pace!

After a day of attending back to back workshops and constant human interaction, I had to skip the last session and retreat to the hotel bar. Decompression time was much needed before prom! That, too, is a whole different post!


The above covers only my Saturday at the conference! In an effort not to bore your with lots of information and for the sake of not dragging this post out, I will catch you up more tomorrow!

Over the Weekend: Texas Style Council

Here is the preamble to a much more detailed blog post:

I had the time of my life this past weekend in August at the Texas Style Council! I networked, met some badass babes including my favorite blogggers(!!!), learned SO much about my fairly recent passion, and built up so much inspiration that it is now oozing out of my pores!


I just moved into my new place yesterday, so life is pretty hectic. (Sorry for the half assing!) But don’t cha worry! I will update everything as soon as I have the time.

Oh yeah, flying to NOLA on Wednesday night!


Friday Favorites 8.02

Ahhhhh! In an hour or so I make my way down to Austin for the Texas Style Council! Growing up in San Antonio, I visited Austin on several occasions, mainly for family hangs and a better choice of music. I am so excited to pay a visit on a completely different not! I get to spend the weekend mixing and mingling with creative and fashion types alike! Exciting….yet also very intimidating! Good thing I am bringing along a bottle of liquid courage and a cool Kate prom date! I’ll just include those two in with my Friday Favorites this week!



Well, judging from the forecast…Texas waited til the last official month of summer to get really fucking hot. Yeah, temps over 102 everyday this weekend. Not cool (literally)!!! Good thing deodorant and perfume will be with me at all times! This weekend’s theme will be: look cool, smell good, and be myself. Also, I don’t want to drink my entire bottle of liquid courage.


Chanel definitely covers the smelling good part. Sunglasses make everyone look cool as long as you aren’t wearing them inside! I bought those Pendleton notebooks yesterday, too. Way cool!


I am also pretty nervous about the upcoming weekend because I do not, in a single way, consider myself a fashion queen. I make the magic happen mainly in the kitchen. As I said earlier, I just plan to be myself. Thant means wearing my favorite pieces and some some uber trendy midi dress I picked up at the closest Urban Outfitters or AA.



With all that being said, cheers to Friday, TXSC, and an all around good time!




Can’t wait to share my experience with you all next week!




Thank you everyone for stopping by, liking, and following Casa Y Cocina! Today we made it to 1,000 views and it would not have been possible without you guys!


Stay tuned for more posts!