Friday Favorites 8.02

Ahhhhh! In an hour or so I make my way down to Austin for the Texas Style Council! Growing up in San Antonio, I visited Austin on several occasions, mainly for family hangs and a better choice of music. I am so excited to pay a visit on a completely different not! I get to spend the weekend mixing and mingling with creative and fashion types alike! Exciting….yet also very intimidating! Good thing I am bringing along a bottle of liquid courage and a cool Kate prom date! I’ll just include those two in with my Friday Favorites this week!



Well, judging from the forecast…Texas waited til the last official month of summer to get really fucking hot. Yeah, temps over 102 everyday this weekend. Not cool (literally)!!! Good thing deodorant and perfume will be with me at all times! This weekend’s theme will be: look cool, smell good, and be myself. Also, I don’t want to drink my entire bottle of liquid courage.


Chanel definitely covers the smelling good part. Sunglasses make everyone look cool as long as you aren’t wearing them inside! I bought those Pendleton notebooks yesterday, too. Way cool!


I am also pretty nervous about the upcoming weekend because I do not, in a single way, consider myself a fashion queen. I make the magic happen mainly in the kitchen. As I said earlier, I just plan to be myself. Thant means wearing my favorite pieces and some some uber trendy midi dress I picked up at the closest Urban Outfitters or AA.



With all that being said, cheers to Friday, TXSC, and an all around good time!




Can’t wait to share my experience with you all next week!



Over the Weekend: Technicolor Adventures

I am really starting to enjoy spending half of my weekend in Dallas. I feel like Dallas has been a constant in my life since Erin moved there last year. The good friends keep migrating, bringing with them good times and new experiences! After an afternoon surrounded by librarians, I made my way to Dallas with Kate Friday evening. The conference we attended was actually really fun as well a great networking opportunity. I even dropped my blog’s name a couple of times. All I could really think about on the way from Arlington to Dallas was how badly I wanted a margarita. After talking what seemed like all afternoon, my throat was parched! Of course we went to Gloria’s, where three margaritas is becoming one too many for me!



After dinner and an after dinner glass of wine, we made our way downtown to check out the Katharina Gross exhibit at the Nasher. The museum was hosting their Til Midnight event so we got in for free! An abundance of alcohol + mountains and trails of rainbow rocks and dirt made for quite the technicolor adventure!


Goodness! I felt like I was walking in a dream! We explored the rest of the Nasher and then decided to say goodnight to downtown Dallas.


On Saturday, Kate and I headed back to Denton. Before beginning the process of packing up the rest of her stuff, she specifically requested soda and eggs. Haha. A sunny, outside brunch happened at 7 Mile that included soda and eggs of the poached variety & some shameless eavesdropping. We decided to put off packing just a little bit longer by attending an Estate Sale.


This one took credit cards, yay! Sadly the vintage fans I was eyeing from their add had already been scooped up. I did make it home with a small milk glass vase and two records: Ella Fitzgerald sings Christmas and a Judy Collins album. Kate found some Garden Ridge bowls, a fan, and a few records, too! As always, it was nice to take a peek into someone’s house. This one was real interesting!

We only have one more weekend in the Pearl House. My my how time is flying! I still have so much to do and am beginning to feel overwhelmed. Kate went back to Dallas that afternoon, and Erin came down from Fort Worth. It was so nice to drink champagne and hang outside during a nice July night with Erin and Julie. Girl talk is something that is definitely being called for more and more in my life, especially after this rather rough week.


I ended the weekend with a little too much time outside. I will not complain about this sunburn because it will more than likely turn into a tan over the next few days. After a rainy week, the sun’s rays felt really nice. The clouds were doing some cool things too!

Today was National Ice Cream Day!  Did you celebrate?


I did twice! : )

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I am looking forward to sharing more with you on top of tackling this week!

Estate Saling We Will Go!

When strangers come into my house they often comment on our kitschy, eclectic decor.

“Oh that yellow chair is so bright!” “Estate Sale, $20.”

“I love your flower chair!” “Estate Sale, so cheap that I don’t remember the price!”

“Where did you get that bench?” “Estate Sale, $5. Don’t sit on it, it’s old!”

And so on and so forth! I really love a good estate sale. And at least with the bad ones you get to take a look inside someone’s house! I wish I could classify estate saling as one of my hobbies, but I do not get to do it that often, maybe every 2-3 weeks I will hit one up in my town.


Being part of a mailing list really keeps me up-to-date. If you would like to know of estate sales in your area, I firstly recommend signing up with Estatesales(dot)net and Estatesales(dot)org, secondly, your local newspaper and Craigslist! I will also recommend purchasing items on the last day if possible! Families normally want to get rid of everything so items will be priced at 40%+ off! I got a super awesome HANDMADE mid century side table for like $30! It is so pretty!


This afternoon I am going to swing by an estate sale in Denton’s Historic Oak Street District (I love getting a free house tour) after my eye doctor appointment. This sale’s add included buzzwords like depression glass, avid antique collector,retro, and vintage Christmas collection. I’d really be pushing my luck if I didn’t find anything!

Do you guys like to go to estate sales? Or are you more of a garage sale type? Keep in mind that estate sales aren’t only for the hoity-toity and are like garage sales on steroids! While having cash on hand is a good idea, many estate sales these days are put on by companies rather than the individual families. Some of these companies even accept major credit cards. This is most definitely a good and bad thing!

New to estate saling? Swing on over to one of my favorite bloggers, The Dainty Squidand read her post on  Estate Sale 101!

Stay tuned for this afternoon’s Friday Favorites post!

I’ll Be There, Y’all!

August is going to be one hell of a month! Besides the 100+ degree weather, the stresses of moving, AND a New Orleans trip, I will be attending the Texas Style Council Conference in Austin, Texas! Seriously, my heart was about to beat out of my chest as I was completing the registration process! 


August 2nd,3rd ,and 4th I will be heading down to the lovely, and equally weird, live music capital of the world! You bet I’ll have big hair and even bigger ideas!


This will be a wonderful opportunity to network and learn through workshops, discussions, and just an all around fun time! Female bloggers unite!

Oh yeah, did I mention that many of my favorites will be in attendance, not to mention be the keynote speakers! For more information on the Texas Style Council, visit their website.


Thank you everyone for stopping by, liking, and following Casa Y Cocina! Today we made it to 1,000 views and it would not have been possible without you guys!


Stay tuned for more posts!



Happy Wednesday!

It’s the middle of the week and all I can think about is the fact that Friday is so close yet so far away! Here’s a mid week treat for ya!Image

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