DIY: Give a Little Color

As you all may know by now, one of my old roommates and a few friends have settled into their new homes. In my most recent Friday Favorites post I talked about DIY housewarming gifts. Inspired by House of Earnest’s dipped kitchen utensils, I decided to try out her cute color blocking technique. Image

This is such an easy DIY project, and perfect for the weekend! If you start early, it will only take you a day. You just need to factor in drying time. For my paint, I used Valspar samples. It would take me so long to go through an entire can! Lowes had a few colors available, emerald green (the color of the year!) and a butter yellow. It must have been serendipity that these were two shades in mind. I can’t wait to give these away as gifts!

What You’ll Need:

wooden kitchen utensils (mine were purchased from Amazon)

blue painters tape

sponge paint brushes

paint samples, Valspar works great!

food-safe & non-toxic clear shellac spray ( I used Zinsser)

The Process

  1. Rinse your wooden kitchen utensils before starting this project. Even if they are new, you want to start with an extra clean slate! Image
  2. Using painters tape, mark off where you would like your color to end. I places my tape roughly 1 1/2 – 2 in. above the paddle part of each utensil. Make sure your tape is even when wrapping around. Straight, even lines!ImageDo the same for each utensil in the set. Mine had 6 pieces.Image
  3. Using you samples, or whichever kind of paint of your choosing, paint upwards in long, even strokes to the tip of the handle. Be sure to not forget about the tops and sides. Set out to dry for about 6-8 hours. If you are working with a lighter color, you may want to do one more coat just to be safe. ImageImageImage
  4. Once fully dry, remove the tape and spray the entire utensil with shellac. This will seal the color and also give it a smooth, enamel-like texture! Look how shiny and clean! Image*Note I am not a magician, this is a different shade of paint 😉 ImageImage
  5. Let these babies dry for about 2 more hours to avoid any smudges. And you are finished!

I used sting and gold yarn to tie the utensils together like a bouquet! Rosemary was just a little extra inspiration to cook up something real savory! (I am still “borrowing” rosemary from my neighbors.)


Along with these, I am going to include some home colored tea towels that are to-dye-for! Expect a dip dye tutorial later!

Yay for useful & fun DIYing! Give a little color!