Salute to Basics, Part One

You all know I have an affinity for wearing all black and staying away from trends unless they are black harem pants. For tees, tanks, leggings, and all clothing in between I had to cross my fingers in hopes that my bank account could handle American Apparel and double cross that the  H&M legging supply was still going strong in the summer. A few years ago I discovered Everlane. After signing up for their mailing list, I didn’t give them a thought until I moved to PGH and was in desperate need of comfy yet flattering basic clothing options. They have the science of basics down to the TEE, their U-neck and Ryan being my current favorites.

A recent online shopping splurge ended with a lovely brown package waiting on my doorstep. Black, white, chambray, and rust have wiggled into my late summer/early fall wardrobe. I can do color if its denim or not neon. I’ve been rocking the rust, black, grey combo as of late…….really just dreaming of fall! Consider this post part 1 in a salute to basics- an ode to Everlane!

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Think Pink!

After an unsuccessful search for the perfect dog-friendly apartment with wood floors, high ceilings, and bay windows (I know in my heart that such a place exists), my sister and I decided to give el Murder House another go-round. I can deal with this house another year for the price and sheer location. Since Gare Bear loves me (even more now that he knows I want to be Jewish) he has granted us permission to do whatever we want to the house. First things first: a door that designates our gender!


You may know that all black everything dominates my fashion choices, but sometimes I like to add color. Other times I just like to match my house! Besides our new front door, other things I am loving right now are kimonos kimonos kimonos, hats hats hats (duh!), and only washing my hair once a week (see hats) x beachy waves! Throw in some cutoffs, Birks, or even boots and you have my summer wardrobe in a nutshell.


“Nothing says bitches live here quite like a pink door.” -my sister.

Hair….. um…. Harem Pants?

I fully intended this post to be an ode to this Spring’s on-again trend: The Harem Pant. Every single hair on my head begged to differ, and the focal point shifted from trendy bottoms to “Hey! Come see how good we look” -aforementioned hairs.

Remember the gaucho comeback of 2005? Yeah, I completely indulged in the Walmart version of those terrible pants. I thought the harem to be of the same nature, but thankfully these two styles are not cut from the same cloth (literally?). I spent a few hours contemplating out loud via social media If I could pull off this trend….. Image


Twitter was less than encouraging. I turned to one of my most stylish faraway friends for advice. Julie said they were a go, especially the pair(s) she purchased from H&M. Promptly after our conversation, I received an H&M Friend’s discount card in the mail from Julie, who also works as a visual merchandiser for the company. That and payday were the only nudges I needed to make my purchase. You bet your butt I got every color and print they had to offer except for leopard print! Meow!



Also, see what I mean by my hair? I do not mean to brag, but it looks pretty great for not doing anything to it other than sleeping.


Side note: I am desperately in need of a trim and springy/summery shoes.

Side note: I am so close to purchasing leopard print harem pants, pairing them with lots of gold jewelry and pink lipstick, and hitting up the casino. Time to channel Peggy Bundy!

Smells Like Spring Spirit!

Well, this week finally did it! Temperatures over 32 degrees! I know in my last post I mentioned in a complainy tone how much I love the cold, but I am not going to fight mother earth on what is simply natural. Spring was bound to show up.

When I think spring, I think of pastel colored eggs, robins and rabbits, and April showers (current Pittsburgh weather) that will bring may flowers AND probably more of those mother fucking, gross ass stink bugs. The arrival of spring makes me want to paint my toenails because I will finally get to see my feet on a regular basis. It also makes me want to buy every seersucker sundress Modcloth has to offer.

The only problem with Spring, besides the bugs, is that my wardrobe has to do a complete 180 from my regular all black everything. I love wearing all black. It’s sooo Park Slope, not to mention easy! And I normally go monochromatic for work. So I think for now, I will slowly add in color in, just like mother nature. A pastel accessory here, a sunhat there, maybe even some mellow yellow..While it may seem like it at times, Spring doesn’t just happen overnight.



My sister and I really enjoyed the abundance of sunshine this week. It made for perfect outdoor photography weather! We even captured some real life light leaks!

I hope this weather is here to stay!