Life Lately

I could begin this post by apologizing for being the worst blogger ever, but I’m not because, sometimes, life just gets in the way. And, life is something I have really been enjoying as of late.


The past few weeks, or I suppose this past month, have been full of lovely moments that have quickly morphed into even lovelier memories.

Last weekend I saw The National perform. The front row experience surpassed any Dallas concert I have ever been to. Matt Berninger’s baritone bravado made me swoon all night. I have been listening to copious amounts of The National ever since. Goes well with dreary weather and red wine, don’t you think? Fortunately, my playlists do not reflect my current mood/ state of mind. Instead of brooding, I have been doing a whole lot of planning. I am going to Pittsburgh in 3 days, and am so looking forward to new sights and sounds, old friends, and the small chance of snow on Thursday.

I primarily spent this weekend doing Texan things. Well, maybe more so things people outside of Texas think Texans do all the time. These things included but were not limited to: drinking beer, eating bbq, and riding horses. ImageImageImageImageImage

Maybe I am just trying to get the Texan out of my system before going up north, though I don’t think this is possible. You can’t take the Texas out of the girl, and I will always have a mad love for Shiner Ruby Redbird & Cheer, tacos, and our big blue skies.


Over the Weekend: Belated Celebrations

Finally by Saturday afternoon I managed to pull myself out of a feverish/lucid state, compliments of Dayquil. Oh man I had the strangest dreams! Anyway, I made my way to Dallas Saturday afternoon to hang hang out with my best babes. Since I had time to kill between my arrival and the end of Kate’s shift, I treated myself to a solo date at the Angelika Theatre. I went and saw The Spectacular Now, which in my opinion was everything but spectacular. Wahh wahh, I’m a teenager who likes to live in the moment. My girlfriend broke up with me because I don’t have my shit together. Life is so hard! Ugh, good thing I paid the matinee price!

Kate and I had dinner at our favorite place on Greenville, Gloria’s! I broke my margarita record….5 in and Julio (our waiter) asked my for a birthday dance! Ay dios mio! I was surprisingly coherent enough to make conversation at Lakewood and my favorite Dallas Bar, Doublewide! It was so nice to see some of my favorite Dallas Babes too! Kate even took a turn on the giant water slide they had set up! Champ! ImageImage

Erin must have bee super excited to help me celebrate a late birthday!

Sunday morning went as all Sundays should- brunch with wonderful people and mimosas served by the carafe. It was the perfect way to start the end of the weekend! I also found some new frittata inspiration because anything with goat cheese is a go.


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I am so glad to be feeling better. I also did some kitchen experimenting over the weekend. Expect some sort of recipe for mini chicken pot pies! They were so cute and delicious!Image


Over the Weekend: Food Food Food

I probably have talked about my 3 favorite F words: fun, friends, and food. Usually, I don’t really have one without the other. I’d say the weekend encompassed all three, but placed the most emphasis on FOOD.

Finally finally finally I joined the CSA I had been meaning to for quite some time. My friend Elizabeth are going to split the $100 a month cost. This is a good thing in so many ways, plus I don’t think I could eat that many veggies in one week, even if I wanted to! Besides our huge share box, we picked up a few other things at the market, including farm fresh eggs, gluten free and all natural dog treats, and my favorite sunflower sprouts from another local farm. What a beautiful haul! And all organic and locally grown!


The market day did not stop there! My friend Jessica and I adventured to Plano. She was on the search for some special pistachios. We found them at a Persian market nestled between a swimming lessons store and an auto garage. The little shop was filled with so many interesting things! Saffron rock candy anyone? I made it home with poppy seeds, red lentils, chickpea flour, dried squash seeds, orange blossom honey, fresh dill, sheep cheese (OMG!), and the biggest bag of basmati rice. I can’t wait to turn that rice bag into a purse!….give me about a year!




I love getting to sample and purchase a variety of foods from all over. Sometimes from my own backyard, others way over on the other side of the world, it’s always an experience for me and my taste buds!

The rest of the weekend was filled with planning what to make with all my delicious new foods, pool time, and Breaking Bad theory discussion. I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

*If you are interested in joining a CSA and live in the North Texas Area, consider Earthwise. Find out more information here!

Over the Weekend: Ch-Ch-Changes

Changes. They happen all the time. Sometimes they are planned, others come unexpectedly. This weekend was filled with some pretty big ones. I suppose they are all for the better, maybe even the best. While I did have a few whirlwind life events to deal with, good times still overshadowed the bad. I am so very thankful for the wonderful people in my life. They keep me strong. They keep me grounded. And most importantly, they keep me smiling. Image

After an eye doctor appointment and a very adult method of draining my bank account (paying for a year prescription of new contact lenses) my Friday afternoon was spent perusing many covetable pieces at an estate sale. Ahhh, my favorite hobby.


So remember my estate sale post earlier last Friday? Remember how I talked about loving estate sales that accepted all major credit cards but always having cash just in case? Well I wish I would have taken my own advice! Amongst the Victorian couches, grandfather clocks,  Depression glass patterns, and several creepy Santa Clauses, I found a few things that I really really liked! One of these was an old telephone. The guy running the sale said I could have it for $20, and I would also have to bring a drill to get it out of the wall. My dilated pupils were not up to the challenge of going to an ATM and tracking down my drill in 100+ degree heat.


This couch was just a little bit more than the cost of one year’s worth of good vision. Adult life.


All of Saturday was dedicated to moving Kate to Dallas. The operation ran very smoothly! We only hopped a curb once and no furniture was dropped! Just like Kate, her new place has so much personality and matches her quirks. I love seeing spaces passed from friend to friend and the evolution that takes place afterwards!


Katy and I went to Dallas again on Sunday to have brunch. Already having unpacked the majority of her boxes, her room is coming together so nicely! Once everything is complete, I would love to do a house tour (Apartment Therapy style) of her and Lindsey’s new old space. Image

The four of us, old roomies and new, enjoyed the most wonderful brunch at the Grenada’s Sundown Restaurant. I loved their take on eggs Benedict! Note to self: learn how to make Hollandaise sauce, then learn how to make a BBQ Hollandaise sauce. Also, mimosas by the carafe are always a good idea!ImageImage

I am really going to miss having Kitty Kate just a room away. Now she is just a short drive or a longer train ride away! After this weekend’s events, I think I will be spending a lot more time out in Dallas.

I did get started on some new DIY projects! Stay tuned this week for updates!


Over the Weekend: Beyonce & Barbacoa

This weekend involved two of my favorite things: music and food. Inferring from the title, you may have an idea of what kind of music and food I am specifically talking about.

After what seemed to be a never ending day on Friday, I came home to La Estrella barbacoa tacos! Thanks boyfriend! I had been wanting to try this place for quite some time. While their tacos are small in size, they definitely make up for it in flavor. I had their corn and flour tortillas, both equally as good! And their green salsa- so smooth! So creamy! (Its color is also one of my favorite shades of green!)  After chowing down, it was time for a nap. I had to catch up on sleep from the past 2 days. Friday night consisted of a cool (suprisingly for July IN TEXAS) night bike ride and some hang time on various Denton patios and porches. My favorite cocktails, Palomas, were involved of course!

Saturday was dedicated to getting in touch with my inner diva. After spending an hour building up my glow by the pool and even more time blow drying my hair and applying fake eyelashes without blinding myself, I considered myself Beyonce ready.


On to Dallas Elizabeth and I went! Thankfully great minds think alike. Deep Ellum, our favorite pizza joint, and a couple of 40 oz Old English beers. Besides building up street cred in the eyes of a leather clad biker gang, we befriended a Michigander named Alex. He moved down to Texas with his fiance to help his buddies open a restaurant. Pop Diner in Uptown is the only 24 hour full service diner and bar in that particular area. Take a look at their website! Now I just want to listen to Wham! Elizabeth and I extended a future invitation to show our new friend and his fiance some of our favorite East Dallas hangs. I love meeting new people, and it is even more interesting when they are doing something that you would love to do yourself in the future. Besides all the wonderful conversation, we had the best seat in the house if you like to watch people toss dough around! Good Lord, I love Serious Pizza and Deep Ellum! ImageImage

I wish the best seat in the house applied to Beyonce, but in all honesty, any seat was a good seat. Elizabeth and I took the train from Deep Ellum to Victory Station and were dropped off right in front of the AA Center. Of course we made some new friends along the way! Beyonce fans unite! Image

I can count the number of times I cried (more of a dewy eye rather a full on ball) during Bey’s performance on one hand. Approximately 5 times during her performances. I was just so moved! Bey was absolutely beautiful! More perfect than I could have imagined! Her costumes, dance moves, avid use of glitter/confetti, video intros, and  swelling Texas pride made for a night I will never forget! (My pictures do no justice at all.)ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

When I got home Saturday night (really Early Sunday) we started to slow cook a pork bottom roast for our version of “barbacoa”. Waking up to the smell of fall off the bone, melt in your mouth pork was the ultimate way to start the end of yet another weekend. I made homemade flour tortillas (still need to post a how-to!) and we enjoyed steak and egg tacos before spending an afternoon at the pool.

Now to start another week! I have a few recipes I am excited to try out this week including blackberry and lemon cream Napoleons and chorizo pupusas! Yum.

Over the weekend: Food, Fun, and Friends

It is always a great weekend when great food and even better friends are involved. It is also nice getting out of Denton for a little bit. Combine all of those aforementioned things, and you have my recipe for the last three days. Food, friends, places, and spaces.

Friday night was spent drinking two of my favorite beverages: frozen margaritas and ice cold palomas. My great friend and the other half of Casa Y Cocina lives in walking distance from so many cool places in Dallas. One of these places is Gloria’s Mexican Restaurant on Greenville Avenue. A little more upscale that your typical Mexican eatery, I normally just go for the drinks and patio camaraderie. I ended up trying one of their papusas. It was pretty good, and I am now on the search for an easy yet authentic recipe. Image

Saturday was also spent in Dallas, but before making our way south, our hangovers needed to be cured. Some people swear by a big bowl of menudo, I swear by an overstuffed carne guisada gordita. A tiny hole in the wall restaurant here in Denton specializes in both of these! I think my liberal addition of spicy salsa verde helps me to sweat out all the alcohol. Wash it all down with mango juice and *bam* your headache is gone. ***WARNING*** Taco Lady does induce naps.Image

Later that afternoon I got to patronize a Dallas establishment that’s been on my list for quite some time. The Libertine Bar, also on Greenville Avenue, has a wide selection of local beers, mouthwatering dishes that surprise you as bar food, and the kind of environment that makes you want to stay awhile. I wish I had been in the mood for beer that day. Instead I settled for a decadent Gruyere Mac & Cheese with jalapenos and Sirracha. So spicy! So creamy! Tres riche!Image

It was at the Libertine that my boyfriend brought up that it was our 11 months. I guess I had been so busy with life or maybe it was the night before, but it totally slipped my mind! Ahhh, I felt awful. 11 months of getting to know my best friend & 11 months of cooking wonderful meals together, one more to go and we’ll have a solid year!Image

In light of our 11 months together, Jonathan made me a lovely (and so deliciously amazing) brunch on Sunday. My mouth is still watering over those perfectly seasoned scrambled eggs speckled with peppers, onions, and spinach. Image

After brunch, I satisfied my craving for Mexican pastries and spent some time out in the sun. I hope you all had a lovely weekend filled with food and friends as well. This week, I am excited to share with you some new recipes I have been meaning to try as well as a back burner DIY project! It is also the last week of June! My how time flies! Image