Hair….. um…. Harem Pants?

I fully intended this post to be an ode to this Spring’s on-again trend: The Harem Pant. Every single hair on my head begged to differ, and the focal point shifted from trendy bottoms to “Hey! Come see how good we look” -aforementioned hairs.

Remember the gaucho comeback of 2005? Yeah, I completely indulged in the Walmart version of those terrible pants. I thought the harem to be of the same nature, but thankfully these two styles are not cut from the same cloth (literally?). I spent a few hours contemplating out loud via social media If I could pull off this trend….. Image


Twitter was less than encouraging. I turned to one of my most stylish faraway friends for advice. Julie said they were a go, especially the pair(s) she purchased from H&M. Promptly after our conversation, I received an H&M Friend’s discount card in the mail from Julie, who also works as a visual merchandiser for the company. That and payday were the only nudges I needed to make my purchase. You bet your butt I got every color and print they had to offer except for leopard print! Meow!



Also, see what I mean by my hair? I do not mean to brag, but it looks pretty great for not doing anything to it other than sleeping.


Side note: I am desperately in need of a trim and springy/summery shoes.

Side note: I am so close to purchasing leopard print harem pants, pairing them with lots of gold jewelry and pink lipstick, and hitting up the casino. Time to channel Peggy Bundy!


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