Smells Like Spring Spirit!

Well, this week finally did it! Temperatures over 32 degrees! I know in my last post I mentioned in a complainy tone how much I love the cold, but I am not going to fight mother earth on what is simply natural. Spring was bound to show up.

When I think spring, I think of pastel colored eggs, robins and rabbits, and April showers (current Pittsburgh weather) that will bring may flowers AND probably more of those mother fucking, gross ass stink bugs. The arrival of spring makes me want to paint my toenails because I will finally get to see my feet on a regular basis. It also makes me want to buy every seersucker sundress Modcloth has to offer.

The only problem with Spring, besides the bugs, is that my wardrobe has to do a complete 180 from my regular all black everything. I love wearing all black. It’s sooo Park Slope, not to mention easy! And I normally go monochromatic for work. So I think for now, I will slowly add in color in, just like mother nature. A pastel accessory here, a sunhat there, maybe even some mellow yellow..While it may seem like it at times, Spring doesn’t just happen overnight.



My sister and I really enjoyed the abundance of sunshine this week. It made for perfect outdoor photography weather! We even captured some real life light leaks!

I hope this weather is here to stay!


2 thoughts on “Smells Like Spring Spirit!

  1. You are just too pretty for words. I love that kimono style cardigan and your simplistic necklace. I actually find dressing for autumn / winter easier because I can do dress + tights + boots everyday. Spring and summer require a teensy bit more forethought in regard to dressing myself.
    xx Abby a geek tragedy

    • Thank you so much, Abby! I prefer dressing for the cooler months, honestly! Here’s to the both of us finding our footing this new season! 🙂

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