Around My Hood

I spent about two and a half months secretly planning my quiet exit from Texas life. I had dreams of row houses and brick laden streets while still maintaining a sense of frugality. Because I was moving to an urban setting, I immediately associated square footage with cost/money/breaking the bank. The original plan was to find small studio to share with my sister and my dog. Oh how glad I am that plans do not always go accordingly!

I now call Bloomfield home. Pittsburgh’s ‘Little Italy’.Instead of that tiny closet apartment, we have a three story abode, SEPARATE bedrooms, a front yard, and lots of character all around. We also live 2 minutes away from good friends- friends who are now more like family.

I have lived in Pittsburgh a little under four months yet have only explored a small fraction of my neighborhood and this amazing city. Thus the beginning of a new blog segment:Image

Currently, my favorite things about Bloomfield: hintings of Spring, buildings with potential, and the manliest of men- my neighborhood butcher. I look forward to sharing my ever-expanding list with you!



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