From Texas to Pittsburgh: Cheers to New Beginnings

I created the Casa Y Cocina blog in 2013 while still residing in Denton, Texas. It has since then sufficed as a creative outlet and medium for sharing original recipes, home and DIY projects, some of my fashion choices, and the undertakings of me and my friends. Shortly after turning 25, I quit my day job, packed my dog and all of my belongings into a u-haul (don’t worry, Gypsy rode shotgun), and moved to Pennsylvania with the help of my twin brother.

November marked the beginning of a 4 month sabbatical. Those four months have been the most beautiful. Moving to a place where you know very few people is tough, but with the help of my good friends Chase & Lauren, my roommate/little sister, her boyfriend and his family, the transition has been more than smooth. Not only did my sister and I get to experience our fist white Christmas, and real winter for that matter, but I also took a position at a local bakery. I have the pleasure of getting to do what I love 40 hours a week and then some.

The above may sound like I finally have it all figured out. How I wish that were true! Though I have taken a few steps in the right direction, I am still far off from being exactly where I want to be. Fortunately I have the above mentioned people as a compass. They really keep me on track, especially my sister.

My journey thus far can easily be summed up by a few Peter, Bjorn and John lyrics:

I laugh more often now.

I cry more often now.

I am more me.

3 cheers

Three cheers to new beginnings!


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