Life Lately

I could begin this post by apologizing for being the worst blogger ever, but I’m not because, sometimes, life just gets in the way. And, life is something I have really been enjoying as of late.


The past few weeks, or I suppose this past month, have been full of lovely moments that have quickly morphed into even lovelier memories.

Last weekend I saw The National perform. The front row experience surpassed any Dallas concert I have ever been to. Matt Berninger’s baritone bravado made me swoon all night. I have been listening to copious amounts of The National ever since. Goes well with dreary weather and red wine, don’t you think?ย Fortunately, my playlists do not reflect my current mood/ state of mind. Instead of brooding, I have been doing a whole lot of planning. I am going to Pittsburgh in 3 days, and am so looking forward to new sights and sounds, old friends, and the small chance of snow on Thursday.

I primarily spent this weekend doing Texan things. Well, maybe more so things people outside of Texas think Texans do all the time. These things included but were not limited to: drinking beer, eating bbq, and riding horses.ย ImageImageImageImageImage

Maybe I am just trying to get the Texan out of my system before going up north, though I don’t think this is possible. You can’t take the Texas out of the girl, and I will always have a mad love for Shiner Ruby Redbird & Cheer, tacos, and our big blue skies.


Wedesday Wishlist 10.02

Now that October has officially gotten its feet on the ground, my palate can make the official transition into autumn. So many seasonal recipes I have been hankering to try call for Dutch oven this and Dutch oven that. Any excuse to make a Le Creuset purchase is a good enough one for me, especially if they are having a sale. Unfortunately, my bank account and I are not seeing eye to eye on this matter.

Just one more item to add to my wishlist!

1. Le Creuset Essential Bakeware Set. At only $224.99 this set is a steal! Well….maybe for individuals other than myself. I love the blue and yellow colors! They remind me of the French countryside that I have only visited in my dreams. Image

Lately I have been up to my elbows in pie crusts and polenta! The other day I made a savory tomato and polenta pie to welcome in October. You can look forward to that recipe soon! As well as many others that do not require the use of a dutch oven haha!

Happy Wednesday!