Wednesday Wishlist 9.25

You guys! September is over with in less than a week! It seems like just yesterday I was rambling on about my birthday and the arrival of fall. In exactly one month I will be making my way up to Pittsburgh for a mini vacation. Like Texas, October is a transition month for weather, though I think Pennsylvania takes the better end of the deal.

I am in need of a jacket for this kind of weather. Actually, I could probably get by with something I have in my closet, so I am in want. The following are in-betweeners I am currently lusting over. I’d have to win the lotto before purchasing that Pendleton!

1. Pendleton’s Los Ojos CloakThis would look SHARP with my black Brixton hat and my long blonde locks! I love everything Pendleton puts out. Unfortunately all I can afford by them at the moment are their notebooks. Love ’em! Image2. Stash Co. Fringe Mala NecklaceI am obsessed with this necklace, as I am with anything involving fringe! This necklace reminds me of the suede fringe jackets I had as little girl. I was fancy and owned 2 jackets, a black and chestnut color, until my little sister threw up on one and my mom never took it to the dry cleaners. Sad but true story! (I don’t know why I just told you that.) Image

After attending the TXSC conference, I discovered the lovely, radical, cool, and TEXAN blog Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno. Sisters Brandi and Kelly can often be seen sporting the mala necklace.

3. More jackets! Surplus and parkas. Maybe I just like all colors the traditional parka comes in. Maybe I just like all the pockets. This is one jacket I plan to purchase before winter arrives. They are so versatile and perfect for layering! ImageImage

What are your favorite pieces for transitional weather?

Hope you all have a lovely Wednesday!



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