Friday Favorites 9.20

I love everything about the end of September, and the entirety of October and November. Ugh ok, even December. I’ve mentioned many times before how the “-er” months are my favorite. Sunday marks the first official day of the autumn season, therefore I think it is completely appropriate to jump the gun and talk about how excited I am for this season!


There is a running joke on the internetz that white girls love fall because it means, especially for 2013, a new iPhone, #PSL popularity, and UGG boots all the time. I totally laughed when I saw this because I love my iPhone but can’t afford the new model, let alone a 5; I have yet to have a PSL…and I tend to patronize local coffee digs (Starbucks is far from me); I wear UGG boots as house shoes because I am not 17 anymore. But I guess you could say I do like the aforementioned things. The following are things I like a little bit more:

1. An autumn color palette. I told myself earlier this week that once October hits I am going to only wear camel, olive, black, and flannel. Box me up and ship me to Portland where I can wear flannel every day! I am hoping that the Yinzers appreciate it as much as I do! I hear it can get pretty cole-daht-dare in the winnertime! <<-Pittsburghese. ImageImage


2. The PSL, and other warm drinks. I have started drinking warm beverages in the morning with the hope of bringing cool weather juju to Denton. It is supposed to be 57 degrees for the low tomorrow morning! I’d like to think I helped out with this, but most credit is probably due to a hurricane in the gulf, jet streams, and upper weather lows. I made all of that up. Earlier this week, the lovely and creative A Beautiful Mess girls posted a recipe for homemade pumpkin spice syrup! My day was made! I can have PSL’s all the time now and made from the comfort of my own kitchen!!


3. Seasonal produce. Speaking of pumpkins, I have already begun to seen signs of autumn in my CSA shares! Yesterday I received butternut squash and sweet potatoes! While I am going to miss summer squash and okra, I am very excited to cook more fall tempered dishes! Maybe I will even attempt a sweet potato pie FROM SCRATCH!

4. Layering. One of my favorite things about the turn of the season is layering! I’m not just talking about clothing, though that is my favorite! Once the temperature drops it’s time to turn off the AC, open the windows, and bust out the extra blankets! Who doesn’t love a cozy bed with flannel sheets and multiple quilts?! I really wish my life were an LL Bean catalog sometimes. I also like layering flavors with my fall cooking! Sweet and savory and sugar and spice. These all make for everything nice! Let’s not forget about fashion, especially when you involve the fall color pallet. Layering shades and textures is something I am really looking forward to! Image

I am so excited to share more with you as the leaves begin to change colors. I am planning some really big things, and will hopefully be more frequent with my posting. These weeks have been so busy!

Hope you all have a lovely Friday!



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