Over the Weekend: A Happy Routine

Since moving into my new place, I have begun every weekend spent in town the same way. Saturday morning I wake up around 8:30 AM, sometimes with an alarm and sometimes without, and take Gypsy on a long walk. Shortly after we get back home, Elizabeth and her English coon hound, Elvis, swing by and we make our way to the Denton market. As soon as we walk up, the older ladies who sell homemade dog treats immediately greet us and our pets with a smile and complimentary snacks. We are now regular patrons. I’ve never been a regular for anything in my life, so the feeling of community is a bit overwhelming. In a good way.

After buying my normal dozen of farm fresh eggs and pint of heirloom cherry tomatoes, I let little kids pet Gypsy and talk to a local farmer about volunteer opportunities. Before saying goodbye to my dog’s new fan club, I stop by the Earthwise booth to say hello to the owners and chit chat about the produce I really enjoyed from this week’s CSA share. Once I am home, I make breakfast for my self and the pup. Image

Most Saturdays I make up for early rising with a nice siesta. This Saturday I did just that. I needed to prep myself for the extensive pie prepping process! After waking up, I made dough for 4 pies! that’s a whole lot of deliciousness! Like most of my weekends, half of the time was dedicated to baking.


Saturday night I did something that I feel like I haven’t done in quite some time: GO OUT! I finally checked out a new bar in Denton, the East Side Social Club. Similar to my favorite bar, East Side has a legit patio. I feel almost obligated to drink every last drop of Ruby Redbird before summer ends. Image

Saturday was the perfect night out with my babes. I also discovered that almost everyone looks good in a Brixton hat. Image

After sleeping in, I spent Sunday baking pies and mentally preparing myself for Breaking Bad.

My weekend routine is something I have settled into organically. As much as I like having those spontaneous adventures, having a routine keeps me emotionally grounded. It’s nice that I always have something to look forward to. Having a routine keeps me happy!


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