Wednesday Wishlist 9.11

Before I delve into another blog post about all the things I currently want but do not have, let me start out by mentioning how thankful I am for the things I have already been blessed with. I am not just saying this because this day, September 11th, has a history, but because I really do appreciate you all- my friends, my family, my loyal readers, and even the passersby. Y’all keep me going!

There is only one thing I am currently lusting over at the moment. So I will keep this post short and simple and to the point.

A butcher’s block!Β I love working with various types of dough on a wooden surface. My wooden IKEA table however does not work the same as my wooden cutting board. My cutting board is actually too small for many of the baking journeys I embark on. Boo hoo. At the moment, I have my eye on a block by Michigan Maple. 24 by 18 inches is big enough, right?


I really do hope you all have a great Wednesday. I love and appreciate you all!



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