Over the Weekend: Belated Celebrations

Finally by Saturday afternoon I managed to pull myself out of a feverish/lucid state, compliments of Dayquil. Oh man I had the strangest dreams! Anyway, I made my way to Dallas Saturday afternoon to hang hang out with my best babes. Since I had time to kill between my arrival and the end of Kate’s shift, I treated myself to a solo date at the Angelika Theatre. I went and sawΒ The Spectacular Now,Β which in my opinion was everything but spectacular. Wahh wahh, I’m a teenager who likes to live in the moment. My girlfriend broke up with me because I don’t have my shit together. Life is so hard! Ugh, good thing I paid the matinee price!

Kate and I had dinner at our favorite place on Greenville, Gloria’s! I broke my margarita record….5 in and Julio (our waiter) asked my for a birthday dance! Ay dios mio! I was surprisingly coherent enough to make conversation at Lakewood and my favorite Dallas Bar, Doublewide! It was so nice to see some of my favorite Dallas Babes too! Kate even took a turn on the giant water slide they had set up! Champ!Β ImageImage

Erin must have bee super excited to help me celebrate a late birthday!

Sunday morning went as all Sundays should- brunch with wonderful people and mimosas served by the carafe. It was the perfect way to start the end of the weekend! I also found some new frittata inspiration because anything with goat cheese is a go.


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I am so glad to be feeling better. I also did some kitchen experimenting over the weekend. Expect some sort of recipe for mini chicken pot pies! They were so cute and delicious!Image



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