Over the Weekend: Holi-Birthdays!

This weekend was super spectacular! Not only did I get to enjoy three days off of work, but I also got to celebrate 25 years of living! While my actual birthday is today, the majority of celebration happened over the last 4 days!Image

Friday night I discovered my new favorite hobbie! B-I-N-G-O! I have a new theory about bingo, you only win if you have a catheter or oxygen tank or if you are a million years old. Image

The funniest part of bingo was the guy walking around yelling ‘angry balls!’. This guy loved our group and even urged us to come back the next night for FREE BEER and more bingo! Image

On Saturday, my lovely and very talented friend Kristiane came to my house and photographed me  for her blog. She is currently working on a Passion Project. I was just so happy to be her subject for post #2. I even baked her a pie!Image


Later that day, Elizabeth and I ventured to Garland to see Kate in her new part time job at the Generator Coffee Shop! The place was beautiful. A dream, really! It makes me so happy knowing that Lindsey made her dream come true by becoming the owner of this amazing space! I am kicking myself for not accepting the cook position she offered me! Even Kate looks so cute in her little apron! ImageImage

Elizabeth and I ventured around Garland’s seemingly ghost townish square. I bought a Pyrex pie plate, feed bag apron, and green glass insulator at a neighboring antique store. The ladies were so nice! I could have seriously talked to them about baking for hours! ImageImageImage

Sunday and Labor Day were exactly what they should have been: relaxing and full of pie. My friend Jessica wowed us all with a homemade brisket that could easily put any and all of the BBQ joints in town to shame! She marinated it in PBR! It was a hispter brisket!

After such a good day and perfect weekend, 25 is not scaring me as much. Actually, I am very excited to see where the next year will take me! Travel, growing my blog, and being even more adventurous in the kitchen are at the top of the list!

I’ve achieved more than I ever thought I could in the last year! And there is still so much more I have yet to do! Even all of my birthday wishes came true!


I hope you all had a lovely holiday weekend! It was most definitely one for the books. Now it’s time to celebrate just a little more!


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