Wednesday Wishlist 8.28

It’s finally here- the last Wednesday of August! 6 days from now I will be turning 25. It’s my silver anniversary of being born, y’all!

I’ve never been a super materialistic person. I think the majority of that comes from growing up without a lot of money and 5 brothers and sisters. Socks and underwear made great Xmas and birthday presents because they were things I used everyday! Even now, I don’t ask my parents for anything outlandish. Normally if anyone asks what I want for my birthday, I’ll say something huge and expensive as a joke. Quickly I retract the statement, because not everyone gets sarcasm, and ask for a bottle of wine and a bunch of sunflowers. Easy, inexpensive, and…..useful haha!

Here is my birthday wishlist for the BIG TWO FIVE:

1. A KitchenAid Professional 600 Series 6 Quart Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer. Haha, yeah right! This girl will keep dreaming! I actually could have purchased this for myself had I not spontaneously bought plane tickets to Pittsburgh for October. I was antsy!


2. Succulents. Yeah yeah yeah, the fad plants of 2013 it seems. These juicy babies are as popular as French macaroons or cupcakes. Still, they are something different than my normal go-to: sunflowers. 


3. Masons Masons Masons. My jar collection is never going to go anywhere if I keep giving away salsa, salad, and other treat stuffed masons! Old or new, vintage or not, I’ll take ’em because my supply is dwindling!




So that’s my list. So excited for September to finally be here! Any advice on turning 25?



4 thoughts on “Wednesday Wishlist 8.28

  1. Yes! Live it up, enjoy being 25, travel as much as you can, stay being adventurous with food and drinks….and start investing in good moisturizers with sunblock.

    • Your wedding was beautiful! Haha hopefully you can make good use of them when the holiday season approaches!

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