Friday Favorites 8.23

I have a lot of favorite things. Somehow I have managed to conjure up a post every Friday about them! You know, some of my favorites strike up so much….favor…with me that I have begun to collect them! Some people might view it as hoarding, I see it as creating a special collection. Maybe not so much in the library/museum sense, but one that is a permanent placeholder of meaning.


The following are favorite things I have begun to collect over the last few years.

1. Mason jars!  I remember my dad drinking sweet tea out of masons as a kid. He would also always save the spaghetti sauce jars, not discriminating again jar manufacturer so long as they held large quantities. I guess my dad has passed that down to me. If I was not constantly re-purposing jars and giving them away, you might be able to say I have a slight collecting problem. My new favorites are the heritage blue collection. I have definitely talked about these babies before…

2. Vintage glass. Where it used to be that I was obsessed with Depression glass, the more useful Pyrex has taken over. I will not turn away an amber Anchor Hocking cake stand if you give it to me though! I wish I would have snatched up all of my grandma’s Pyrex when she was giving it away! She did however give me an awesome China set when I graduated with my undergrad. I have also taken a liking to glass insulators. I just think they are very pretty. Vintage glass of all types will continue to be one of my favorite things to collect. Vintage masons, too!Image

3. Postcards. My favorite things to collect are postcards. I actually require the help of friends on this one. Not only am I holding on to pieces of paper, but also the adventures associated with them. They are so much better than key chains, in my opinion! Plus, who doesn’t like getting snail mail? My estate sale bench is filllllllllled with postcards I have collected over the years. Thanks friends & keep ’em coming!


Do you guys collect anything? I would love to know!

Hope you all have a lovely Friday and a great weekend! I’m going to be building a bed frame….with lots of help from my friend Erin!


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