Wednesday Wishlist 8.14

I woke up this morning thinking it was Thursday. How I wish it was Thursday! Can I add that to the list?

August is halfway over! 17 more days until the end of the month. 20 more days until my birthday! The following items are from my birthday wishlist. I would just purchase them for myself, but I am trying to work on a little thing called budgeting….

1. A Brixton Hat: Messer Style.Β I actually went on ahead and treated myself to this baby yesterday. It ended up being pretty serendipitous because now the hat is out of stock! I ordered this wool, wide flat brimmed fedora in black. I plan on it being a key piece in my Fall/Winter wardrobe! Now if only the UPS guy and cooler weather would get here faster!


2. Nathalie Lete Plates at Anthropologie.Β These plate are absolutely adorable! I love the vintage folk art feel they give. The little girl looks like one of the zillion Hummel figurines my grandma has…and the mushrooms and gnomes….don’t even get me started! At $24 a pop, I’d really only want one of each. If you really want to fall in love, check out the French designer, Nathalie Lete‘s, website!


3. A Beautiful Mess’s Photo Idea Book.Β I am kicking myself for forgetting to preorder this book! Even more so after meeting this lovable duo. It was these 2 ladies + my little sister who really got me into blogging. They keep me inspired on the reg and surely their book will help do the same. Plus, I love taking photos!


I will probably end up purchasing these beautiful things for myself a little farther up the road. I have friends who design for Urban Outfitters…meaning Anthro discount! All it takes is a little bribery and a lot of hint dropping!

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday! So happy tomorrow is Thursday!


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