Friday Favorites 8.02

Ahhhhh! In an hour or so I make my way down to Austin for the Texas Style Council! Growing up in San Antonio, I visited Austin on several occasions, mainly for family hangs and a better choice of music. I am so excited to pay a visit on a completely different not! I get to spend the weekend mixing and mingling with creative and fashion types alike! Exciting….yet also very intimidating! Good thing I am bringing along a bottle of liquid courage and a cool Kate prom date! I’ll just include those two in with my Friday Favorites this week!



Well, judging from the forecast…Texas waited til the last official month of summer to get really fucking hot. Yeah, temps over 102 everyday this weekend. Not cool (literally)!!! Good thing deodorant and perfume will be with me at all times! This weekend’s theme will be: look cool, smell good, and be myself. Also, I don’t want to drink my entire bottle of liquid courage.


Chanel definitely covers the smelling good part. Sunglasses make everyone look cool as long as you aren’t wearing them inside! I bought those Pendleton notebooks yesterday, too. Way cool!


I am also pretty nervous about the upcoming weekend because I do not, in a single way, consider myself a fashion queen. I make the magic happen mainly in the kitchen. As I said earlier, I just plan to be myself. Thant means wearing my favorite pieces and some some uber trendy midi dress I picked up at the closest Urban Outfitters or AA.



With all that being said, cheers to Friday, TXSC, and an all around good time!




Can’t wait to share my experience with you all next week!




5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites 8.02

    • It was great meeting you as well! I learned so much over the weekend.

      Ugh this whole weekend was so hot!

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