Wednesday Wishlist 7.31

Just because I haven’t posted any new kitchen creations or DIY attemps does not mean I plan on leaving y’all hangin’! I swear, These days my life has been consumed with cardboard, basically the new floor covering in my room.


Here are the more recent things I have been wanting/wishing for:

1. July to be over with. Come on August 1st! Good thing this wish will actually be coming true, and much sooner rather than later. 16 more hours to go! Then only 34 more days til my birthday and the -er months!


2. A fancy shmancy juicer that won’t break on me. So in an attempt to eat better, my cousin and her husband have embarked on a 15 day juicing cleanse detox journey. I know I know, She’s jumping on the whole #juice4life #eatingclean #organicordie bandwagon. I can hear myself making fun of me now, but after all the pizza and takeout I have eaten over the past week (it must be an unwritten rule of moving) a 15 day lifestyle of eating only fruits & veggies and other good things sounds really nice.

Oh yeah, Brandon decided to start up a blog. His sense of humor may be dry, but his posts will leave your taste buds feeling otherwise! Everything they make sounds really good! I just wish there were more pictures.

Beside the point. I want this juicer.


But with my budget, I should probably go for the 850 Watt juicer instead.

3. A Dream Work Space. One of TxSC’s sponsors this year is Squarespace, a website design company. So of course with any creative conference, there is going to be a contest hosted by the sponsor.


This contest calls for an Instagram or Tweet of your workspace…. Sadly this made me realize that I do not have an actual work space! And my surplus desk at my real job is in no way pleasing to the eye.

I started a Pinterest Inspiration Board yesterday to gather ideas and visualize how I would like my space to look (though much of my work is done in the kitchen). I can’t wait to slowly piece together this dream! The following are the just a few from my board.


Man, I really love chalkboards!

Only a few more days til Austin! So excited!!


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