Wednesday Wishlist 7.17

A lot of the time I find my wishes tend to be on opposite sides of the want spectrum. I have those outlandish “if I won the lottery” wishes as well as a hankering for those intangible, non-material things. Eyelash extensions and a Benz vs. peace of mind and a whole lotta love in my life. The latter are things that money can’t buy, no matter how many times over you win the lottery. You have to find them within yourself first, and once you do, they sure as hell last longer than falsies or a German engineered engine.

Those are things I wish for everyday. Wow, this post is not going as intended this morning. I feel like I need to do some yoga now! Cleanse my soul! It would probably really do me some good! Anyway, here are a few of this week’s material wishes.

1. It’s been unseasonably rainy here in Texas. I’m not going to be one to complain about this Portland like weather, but I feel like these would come in handy. Love that classic Hunter green!


2. Speaking of Portland, this dress reminds me of a Northwest naturescape! Have any of you ever ordered anything from Modcloth before?


3. Because I live in Texas, I cannot expect this rainy weather to last. “If you don’t like the weather in Texas, wait 5 minutes.” <<- So true! Pretty soon we will be back to muggy 100+ temps, why not cool off in style with a vintage/retro fan replica? No rewiring required!


4. I recently made an in my best interest decision to live by myself. Now that I can truly make my place my own, I have been lusting over this IKEA bed frame. It sorta reminds me of the iron rod bed at my grandma’s house. I’ve always wanted it!


Hope you are all having a good week! Happy Hump Day!



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