Over the Weekend: Ch-Ch-Changes

Changes. They happen all the time. Sometimes they are planned, others come unexpectedly. This weekend was filled with some pretty big ones. I suppose they are all for the better, maybe even the best. While I did have a few whirlwind life events to deal with, good times still overshadowed the bad. I am so very thankful for the wonderful people in my life. They keep me strong. They keep me grounded. And most importantly, they keep me smiling. Image

After an eye doctor appointment and a very adult method of draining my bank account (paying for a year prescription of new contact lenses) my Friday afternoon was spent perusing many covetable pieces at an estate sale. Ahhh, my favorite hobby.


So remember my estate sale post earlier last Friday? Remember how I talked about loving estate sales that accepted all major credit cards but always having cash just in case? Well I wish I would have taken my own advice! Amongst the Victorian couches, grandfather clocks,  Depression glass patterns, and several creepy Santa Clauses, I found a few things that I really really liked! One of these was an old telephone. The guy running the sale said I could have it for $20, and I would also have to bring a drill to get it out of the wall. My dilated pupils were not up to the challenge of going to an ATM and tracking down my drill in 100+ degree heat.


This couch was just a little bit more than the cost of one year’s worth of good vision. Adult life.


All of Saturday was dedicated to moving Kate to Dallas. The operation ran very smoothly! We only hopped a curb once and no furniture was dropped! Just like Kate, her new place has so much personality and matches her quirks. I love seeing spaces passed from friend to friend and the evolution that takes place afterwards!


Katy and I went to Dallas again on Sunday to have brunch. Already having unpacked the majority of her boxes, her room is coming together so nicely! Once everything is complete, I would love to do a house tour (Apartment Therapy style) of her and Lindsey’s new old space. Image

The four of us, old roomies and new, enjoyed the most wonderful brunch at the Grenada’s Sundown Restaurant. I loved their take on eggs Benedict! Note to self: learn how to make Hollandaise sauce, then learn how to make a BBQ Hollandaise sauce. Also, mimosas by the carafe are always a good idea!ImageImage

I am really going to miss having Kitty Kate just a room away. Now she is just a short drive or a longer train ride away! After this weekend’s events, I think I will be spending a lot more time out in Dallas.

I did get started on some new DIY projects! Stay tuned this week for updates!



2 thoughts on “Over the Weekend: Ch-Ch-Changes

  1. Kate looks right at home with her little gnome army! And I wholeheartedly support a post on how to make hollandaise sauce. So sumptuous, so good. So difficult to make and not break! (Never tried it, but this is what I hear.)

    • I am definitely going to try after this hectic month is over! I love poached eggs! Hollandaise makes them so much better! Thanks for stopping by Geena! 🙂

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