Friday Favorites 7.12

Tomorrow morning, my roommate and best friend will be moving out of the Pearl House. Though she will only be an hour down the road, I will miss her dearly. As I get older, friends have come and gone, but the best ones always remain close no matter the literal mileage between our locations. Kate and several of my other close friends are all beginning new chapters in their lives, why not give them something to commemorate the turning of a new, blank page? One could trace the history of housewarming gifts to way back when. From pineapples to bread and wine to baskets and brooms, housewarming gifts symbolize a variety of ideas from health and luck to freedom and security. I want to give my friends something that symbolizes our friendship and our history, but I also want it to serve a purpose.


I am a huge fan of the DIY movement. I like to exert a little more effort creating something, choosing a gift, and overall cater a selection or purchase to a specific personality. In this week’s Friday Favorites post, I will tell you some of my favorite DIY housewarming gifts. I think special touches are more appreciated.


I like plants because they serve a decorative and symbolic purpose, representing health and prosperity. Succulents and terrariums seem to be very popular right now. They are also great starters for novice plant owners, though I have known a few ladies to kill a cactus or two or three. Here are some of my plant favorites:

Egg cup or really any kind of cup planters with either succulents or maybe a small herb plant. Using a craft pen, you can customize the ceramic! Also, how cute would vintage teacups or tin cans be as planters?


Succulent initial gardens are also another cute customized plant gift. You could even get super fancy and spell out an entire word or name!


If you feel like being even craftier, decorate the pot you are planting in!


If you are not much a gardener or crafter, I think fresh or dried flowers in a mason jar are nice, too. Or, you could always let them DIY with this kit!


Kitchen Tools

The kitchen is my favorite room in the house. Combined, my friends have a very wide range of kitchen skills. Also many times when people move, they do not have everything they need. Aren’t roommates great? I think kitchen stuff, from the homemade to handmade, make great gifts! Here are some of my favorites:

Wooden kitchen tools are an inexpensive and very useful gift! If you know your friends’ favorite shades or future kitchen color scheme, try customizing these utensils with paint! Just make sure it is food safe! Try color blocking or a cool print like geometric shapes!


Kitchen textiles are another inexpensive route. If you are one of those people who can work wonders with a sewing machine or a pair of knitting needles, how about making an apron or some potholders? I’ll just stick with purchasing tea towels or flour sacks and adding color and prints. Tie-dye, dip-dye, and ombre are all popular techniques. Using paint stamps, fabric paint, or embroidery techniques also are other fun methods. The towel is your canvas, and with cute designs like these, your friends wont want to get them dirty!

Here is a tutorial for hand drawn designs! Remeber, the towel is your canvas!


Besides utensils, infused salts and sugars make perfect gifts for friends who like to cook. Elsie and Emma from A Beautiful Mess experimented with infusing sugars. I want to try my hand at infusing salts with dried herbs straight from the garden. Rosemary and lemon salt? Jalapeno and lime? Those all sounds good to me!



The fasted and most fun way to personalize a space is by decorating. Giving your friends a piece to hang in the new home not only helps them out  but also gives them something to remember you by whenever they look at it. My friend Rayne gave us a little baby horseshoe for good luck. I think I can honestly say that it is my favorite little piece in our house. It symbolizes luck and friendship though we are several states apart.

Photos are the easiest way to capture and share images. Now there are several apps that allow you to think outside the frame! Instagrams can easily be printed and turned into coasters, magnets, even a clock!




Can we just take a moment to talk about chalkboard paint? I love it! If I could live in a world of black and white, I’d like chalkboard paint everywhere! Homemade boards or even a framed version with a cool font, I think these are everything they are chalked up to be!


There you have it- some of my favorite ideas for DIY housewarming gifts. I didn’t even get to talk about my love of pegboard! Soon I will be posting my own tutorials for DIY gifts. Until then you can take a look at my DIY board on Pinterest.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!



4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites 7.12

  1. These are such great ideas! Love them all. I also like herbs as a housewarming gift. You can tie them in bundles with cute tags. My best friend is moving away next month as well to Oklahoma. Excited for this new stage in her life, but I will miss her. You are SO right though about how true friendship withstands mileage. Followed you on Pinterest!

    • Thanks girl! I have seen some really pretty herb drying tutorials. Lavender would be a pretty one!

      I can’t wait to try some of these out in the coming weeks! Have a good weekend!

  2. love the chalk paint and clock diys. I have a giant boring mirror and a not so cool painting but nice frame I have no use for and you just gave me some great ideas! Once again thanks Annie for your creative inspirations!

    • Thanks Shae! I too have a GIANT frame that I don’t use! I doing a DIY project this weekend involving pegboard!

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