Estate Saling We Will Go!

When strangers come into my house they often comment on our kitschy, eclectic decor.

“Oh that yellow chair is so bright!” “Estate Sale, $20.”

“I love your flower chair!” “Estate Sale, so cheap that I don’t remember the price!”

“Where did you get that bench?” “Estate Sale, $5. Don’t sit on it, it’s old!”

And so on and so forth! I really love a good estate sale. And at least with the bad ones you get to take a look inside someone’s house! I wish I could classify estate saling as one of my hobbies, but I do not get to do it that often, maybe every 2-3 weeks I will hit one up in my town.


Being part of a mailing list really keeps me up-to-date. If you would like to know of estate sales in your area, I firstly recommend signing up with Estatesales(dot)net and Estatesales(dot)org, secondly, your local newspaper and Craigslist! I will also recommend purchasing items on the last day if possible! Families normally want to get rid of everything so items will be priced at 40%+ off! I got a super awesome HANDMADE mid century side table for like $30! It is so pretty!


This afternoon I am going to swing by an estate sale in Denton’s Historic Oak Street District (I love getting a free house tour) after my eye doctor appointment. This sale’s add included buzzwords like depression glass, avid antique collector,retro, and vintage Christmas collection. I’d really be pushing my luck if I didn’t find anything!

Do you guys like to go to estate sales? Or are you more of a garage sale type? Keep in mind that estate sales aren’t only for the hoity-toity and are like garage sales on steroids! While having cash on hand is a good idea, many estate sales these days are put on by companies rather than the individual families. Some of these companies even accept major credit cards. This is most definitely a good and bad thing!

New to estate saling? Swing on over to one of my favorite bloggers, The Dainty Squidand read her post on  Estate Sale 101!

Stay tuned for this afternoon’s Friday Favorites post!


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