Wednesday Wishlist

The middle of the week always leaves me sitting, waiting, and wishing. That being said, I thought it would be nice to add another weekly feature. Pretty soon I will be moving out of my house to a much smaller space. I finally will have my own kitchen again AND free range to decorate however I want. As my urge to cook and bake everyday continues, most credit due to my blog, I find myself wishing I had more kitchen accessories, canisters, and appliances.

The following items are affordable (except for that mixer) pieces I would like to add to my future home/kitchen.

This Cream Patisserie Cake HolderΒ probably would not break on me as I am walking up to the library. Yeah that happened to me once. It was so sad.


Lately I have had a thing for collecting glass jars. They seem to be my main purchases at estate sales. I love using them for storage and would like a set to store dry ingredients such as flour, salt and sugar. I love the clamp lids on these glass jars!


I recently bought a vintage ceramic flower pot with your typical 1970s yellow and orange flowers accenting the middle. I think the original owners used it to store small garden tools since there was dirt on the bottom. I am going to use it to store kitchen utensils! I really want these ceramic measuring cups to sit on my counter right next to the pot. So cute! And I love the little mushrooms!


A stand up KitchenAid mixer with a bowl lift is what my dreams are made of. I love the majestic yellow and green apple colors! That’s one expensive dream!


These Venetian print letters are on sale. I think these letters among a collage of vintage prints and needlepoint would compliment any wall. Spell something cute! #YOLO


This selection is just a drop in the bucket of items I have my eye on. Hope you all are having a good week! Tonight I am going to make pupusas!


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