Over the Weekend: Beyonce & Barbacoa

This weekend involved two of my favorite things: music and food. Inferring from the title, you may have an idea of what kind of music and food I am specifically talking about.

After what seemed to be a never ending day on Friday, I came home to La Estrella barbacoa tacos! Thanks boyfriend! I had been wanting to try this place for quite some time. While their tacos are small in size, they definitely make up for it in flavor. I had their corn and flour tortillas, both equally as good! And their green salsa- so smooth! So creamy! (Its color is also one of my favorite shades of green!)  After chowing down, it was time for a nap. I had to catch up on sleep from the past 2 days. Friday night consisted of a cool (suprisingly for July IN TEXAS) night bike ride and some hang time on various Denton patios and porches. My favorite cocktails, Palomas, were involved of course!

Saturday was dedicated to getting in touch with my inner diva. After spending an hour building up my glow by the pool and even more time blow drying my hair and applying fake eyelashes without blinding myself, I considered myself Beyonce ready.


On to Dallas Elizabeth and I went! Thankfully great minds think alike. Deep Ellum, our favorite pizza joint, and a couple of 40 oz Old English beers. Besides building up street cred in the eyes of a leather clad biker gang, we befriended a Michigander named Alex. He moved down to Texas with his fiance to help his buddies open a restaurant. Pop Diner in Uptown is the only 24 hour full service diner and bar in that particular area. Take a look at their website! Now I just want to listen to Wham! Elizabeth and I extended a future invitation to show our new friend and his fiance some of our favorite East Dallas hangs. I love meeting new people, and it is even more interesting when they are doing something that you would love to do yourself in the future. Besides all the wonderful conversation, we had the best seat in the house if you like to watch people toss dough around! Good Lord, I love Serious Pizza and Deep Ellum! ImageImage

I wish the best seat in the house applied to Beyonce, but in all honesty, any seat was a good seat. Elizabeth and I took the train from Deep Ellum to Victory Station and were dropped off right in front of the AA Center. Of course we made some new friends along the way! Beyonce fans unite! Image

I can count the number of times I cried (more of a dewy eye rather a full on ball) during Bey’s performance on one hand. Approximately 5 times during her performances. I was just so moved! Bey was absolutely beautiful! More perfect than I could have imagined! Her costumes, dance moves, avid use of glitter/confetti, video intros, and  swelling Texas pride made for a night I will never forget! (My pictures do no justice at all.)ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

When I got home Saturday night (really Early Sunday) we started to slow cook a pork bottom roast for our version of “barbacoa”. Waking up to the smell of fall off the bone, melt in your mouth pork was the ultimate way to start the end of yet another weekend. I made homemade flour tortillas (still need to post a how-to!) and we enjoyed steak and egg tacos before spending an afternoon at the pool.

Now to start another week! I have a few recipes I am excited to try out this week including blackberry and lemon cream Napoleons and chorizo pupusas! Yum.


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