Over the Weekend: Family Time

This weekend went according to plan in no way at all. I had originally planned to meet up with my boyfriend in Dallas for dinner and some drinks. Instead, it turned into a quick dinner with close friends  before catching a plane down south. 15 minutes before my shift ended on Friday, I received news that my Papa had passed away.

In an earlier post I joked about only going home for holidays and the occasional funeral. Sadly this is true. The weekend’s events reminded me that time is very precious and to not take a single moment for granted. I was also reminded how much I really do love and miss my family and how I need to make a greater effort to see them more often. At least I can take consolation in the fact that my Papa is now up in heaven. I was also happy that my dad got to spend as much time with his dad as he was able to before his passing. ImageImageImage

The above pictures are of my grandparents, dad, and his siblings when they were living in New Orleans in the early 1960s.

On a much lighter and happier note, my cousin’s sweet baby boy turned 1 over the weekend. (I totally forgot this was happening!) Little baby Thomas Blaze gets bigger and bigger each time I see him! I spent much of Saturday helping set up for his party. It was a super cute nautical theme!ImageImageImageImageImage

His actual party took place on Sunday afternoon. Check out that cake! So cute!ImageImageImageImage

When I go home, I normally have to play musical beds. Fortunately this time around, my sister was house sitting. I go to sleep in a king sized memory foam bed! Though I had to share with my sister, a Klondike like chocolate lab, and a schnauzer. I love dogs so much that I didn’t really mind when Rusty took up my side of the bed. It was also nice to spend time with my sister watching reruns of Friends and Sex and the City.ImageImageImage

Sunday evening I caught a plane back to Dallas. But before that happened, I got to have dinner with my dad at one of my favorite places downtown.

Every time I’m home, my dad and I like to drive around the downtown area. He likes to point out all the places we could have lunch at should I move home. He likes to point out all the places I could live should I move home. He likes to point out all the places I could work at should I move home. I take each of these suggestions with a grain of salt and an eye roll. Eventually I would live to move back to San Antonio (unless I end up someplace cooler) but not anytime soon. ImageImageImageImage

We settled on one of my favorite restaurants in South Town called Taco Haven. They could change the name to Taco Heaven and it would probably be an even better fit! This was the first time for me to eat here during dinner time! I had a puffy taco plate, a classic San Antonio dish, and man they did not disappoint! I’ll have to make some at home soon!ImageImageImage

The best part of dinner was getting to spend quality time my dad. I can not even begin to imagine what he is feeling right now. I can’t wait to spend a week with him hanging out in New Orleans next month. Love you dad!

Can you believe it is July 1st already? Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Image


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