Friday Favorites 6.28

Can you believe July starts next week?! Though we are coming up on one of the hottest months in Texas, I am so ready for it to be here! I remember loving July as a kid because the neighborhood pool, beaches, and rivers were less crowded. I remember the cheaper Sonic slushes, no happy hour needed. And I remember our air conditioner always breaking that month. So that last one wasn’t so great, but a little or a lot of sweat never killed anyone, right?


Now that I’m older, I thank my lucky stars for a plethora of pools to crash in Denton, for adult slushes, and an air conditioner that has yet to break after 3 years of living in the Pearl House.

Speaking of the Pearl House and July, we have a tradition of throwing a huge 4th of July day party. Lots of friends, awesome homemade food, vodka watermelons, fireworks, the whole shebang. Because the 4th falls on a Thursday and we all have to work on a Friday, and the fact that my roomies are packing their lives up, we won’t be throwing one this year. It makes me sad. July will be bittersweet. At least I have memories on top of memories of Pearl House 4ths of July, birthdays, wine & craft nights, pets, tacky sweaters, and so much more. ImageImageImageImage

Just because our house is not the designated party spot this year does not mean I’m not going to have myself a good time. Here are my some of my top ideas for this years 4th of July.

  1. Vanilla Bean Angel Food Cake. I found this recipe on the Free People Blog. Isn’t it so pretty? I purchased 12 Mexican vanilla beans on Amazon for the purpose of infusing sugar, but I think I found something else to try out! I’ve never made an angel food cake from scratch! Here’s to hoping I’m not too hungover to try this!Β Image
  2. Patriotic Cocktails. From good ol’ Lonestar & PBR to Alcoholic Arnold Palmers and a vodka melon (always a good idea), America’s birthday wouldn’t be a party without something ice cold to sip on. I like to stray away from all the Pinteresty patriotic drinks. Blue gatorade mixed with lemonade, mixed with red koolaid? Ugh that sounds disgusting. I like using fresh fruit and homemade simple syrups for my cocktails. Think red and blue berries. I want to try this sans the basil. Pomegranate, the lesser know patriotic fruit? Image
  3. Flower Crowns. Yeah this is one trend that has yet to die in my heart. As made popular by Lana del Rey, I try to sport one for any occasion. I have a go-to sunflower crown but would like to make an obnoxious one with red roses for next week. DIY project!Image

Do you have any special plans/traditions for the 4th of July? I wanna hear them!

Happy Friday! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!



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