Friday Favorites 6.21

ImageWell, it’s finally Friday again! What an exciting week this has been for me and my blog! Yesterday we reached the 1,000+ view landmark! I know this might not seem like a lot to you, but to me it means the world. I hope you enjoy what you’ve read so far. Though in Texas it’s felt like it for a few months now, today is the first official day of summer! Have a look at some of my favorite summery things.

      1. Deep Eddy Ruby Red Vodka. Texas is home of the ruby red grapefruit variation and God bless it for that! It is no news that I am absolutely obsessed with this fruit! When I discovered that the Austin based distillery Deep Eddy produced a RUBY RED VODKA I had to have it. Honestly, I don’t even need a mixer when drinking this, but to stay on the safe side: 4 parts Deep Eddy Ruby Red, 1 part Topo Chico mineral water, 1 part fresh lime juice, mint leaves, and a lime & grapefruit wedge. I sipped on these all last weekend and definitely plan to do it again! Celebrate summer! Celebrate Texas!Image
      2. Anthropologie’s Summer Sale. So on Wednesday, Anthro announced their summer sale. Last year I purchased their Rivulets quilt in a nice shade of marigold. Absolutely love it. Look how good it makes my room look! Unfortunately my bank account will not allow me to make such splurges right now. These are my top 3 affordable sale picks:ImageAnthro Aprons in bright summer colors, and not to mention citrus! $19.95
        Monogrammed Note Cards. Give me an A! $9.95
        Sombrero Sheet Set $119.95
      3. Ball Mason Jars in Heritage Blue. I ordered these babies on a whim last Sunday. Definitely one of my better impulse buys! The color is absolutely beautiful! Reminds me of the deep, clear Texas springs. I can’t wait to find uses for each and every one of them. I may have to use them as pint glasses that way I can keep them all for myself!Image
      4. Vintage Babes. Did y’all know that Martha Stewart used to model? Way, way before she spent some time in the big house! I consider her the Hilary Clinton of the house and home department (it’s probably because they have the same haircut). Anyway, she is one of my idols and just check out those cheekbones! Her street cred also adds to her babeness.Image

These are some of my favorite things this week. I hope you all enjoy your weekend! Mix a cocktail, put on some sunglasses, and go outside!




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