Over the Weekend

I would like to use Monday as a catch-up day; a day to recover from the weekend and regale you with all of my weekend adventures. I wish the entirety of the day could be like this! But unfortunately that page flip in your planner brings you back to reality. At least I have wonderful memories to propel me through the next 4 days!

Friday ended with a bang! And also an estate sale! As I was pedaling home from work, I noticed a bright neon sign. Like an alchy to a bar I was drawn! Oh my! An estate sale on Historic Oak Street could only mean a glimpse into a porch wrapped, 3 storied Victorian mansion.ImageTurns out that it was the baby blue Queen Anne Victorian mansion of my “if I ever win the lottery” dreams. (I would do some serious updating though.) Stepping into that house was like being transported in time. Back to when air conditioner was not a thing, plush green carpet and chandeliers were all the luxury, and cowboys roamed the streets of Denton.ImageLike many estate sales on opening day, everything was overpriced. I could easily find that same depression glass punch bowl at the downtown mini mall for half the price. I did walk away with a few things though: A vintage glass canister and the vinyl soundtrack to The Unsinkable Molly Brown. I loved that movie as a kid!ImageOh yeah! To make Friday even better, my boyfriend surprised me with some sunflowers that he “accidentally” bought. Later on, I purchased a bouquet of treat yoself peonies. My two favorite types of flowers.Image

Saturday was supposed to be dedicated to fun in the sun. Instead it was fun under an overcast sky. My 2 good friends, the self-proclaimed “Tequila Girls”, threw a backyard battle of the sexes luau cookout equipped with lots of field games, delicious kabobs, and even a vodka watermelon (c/o me)!


Do you even have to ask who won? Babes rule and bros drool!Image

We ended the night up on the roof, enjoying the nice June breeze and a starless sky.


Sunday was Father’s Day. I was unable to go home to celebrate with my dad, so I spent the day swimming and grilling with my Denton family. It took a day like yesterday to really remind myself how much I love and miss my dad and how thankful I am that I have such a close relationship with him. Can’t wait to hang out with you in New Orleans, pops! Image

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and your Monday got off to a good start. Stay tuned for this week’s posts! 


One thought on “Over the Weekend

  1. Soon I’ll be living vicariously through you since I’m leaving Denton! What a fabulous life you lead.

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