First Edition: Friday Favorites

ImageTGIF! What a week this has been. Earlier in the week I made a blogging schedule, and I am now oh-so proud that I actually kept up with it! I’m actually a little bit excited for Monday to be here so I can share new & good things with you all! As for now, here are some of my favorite things:

  1. A Beautiful Mess. I know I am very late to follow their blog, but now it is simply one of my favorites! I find so much inspiration here, and Elsie & Emma are the cutest! Their new app is also one of my favorites as well as a top choice for photo editing. Their doodles and borders often find their way onto my InstagramsImage
  2. Speaking of A Beautiful Mess, this dishtowel from Anthropologie has the same name. I love anything home related from Anthro and always keep my eye on their quilts, kitchen accessories, and aprons. I love the embroidery and crochet flowers. Totally gives this a vintage feel and reminds me of helping my grandma do the dishes when I was younger. Image
  3. Yellow Yellow Yellow. It’s my favorite color. We signed the lease for our new place yesterday! Coincidence that the house is painted my favorite color? I think not!Image
  4. Summer Soups. I stayed home from work yesterday and spent almost the entire day with soup on my mind! It was about 100 degrees outside, but I still ate a huge bowl of this homemade roasted cabbage & potato soup! It even tastes good cold, making it alright for summer! Recipe coming soon!Image

These are some of my favorite things. I hope you all have a wonderful, fun-in-the-sun filled weekend! & If you would like to keep up-to-date with all of my posts, follow me on Bloglovin.


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