A taste of home

San Antonio, the land of amazing Mexican food and my crazy Catholic family. I only go home maybe twice, three times a year usually only for a holiday or funeral. When I am home, my dad always treats me to a Mexican breakfast, lunch, or dinner. That being said, a free delicious meal is what will normally ignite the 6 hr journey southward on I35.

Jonathan and I were supposed to go home for FiestaΒ at the end of April, but due a work scheduling conflict, I had to cancel our flight. Sad sad. I haven’t been home since Christmas and I have not done Fiesta since I was 21! Luckily yesterday I found a little place that will sooth the hunger pains of homesickness a little bit longer.

Casa Galaviz! Their breakfast tacos were great! I am basing my opinion solely on the fact that their tortillas are homemade! Don’t get me wrong, Taco Lady will always have my heart, especially when I have a craving for a carne guisada gordita. Casa Galaviz is much closer to my house, and their barbacoa was oh-so tender!

I also discovered that I love mango Jarritos much much more than grapefruit.


So until the next time I am able to go home, these little diamonds in the rough will have to suffice.


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