All in one

I have a love/hate relationship with doing the dishes. Mainly it’s just that I hate doing other people’s dishes. But I also hate having a messy kitchen, so if your dishes are out and dirty, I will do them. I also have these weird anal tendencies when loading the dishwasher. I like to efficiently use the space. Blame it on being a Virgo or the fact that I played a lot a lot of Tetris. Or you could blame it on OCD.

Anyway. whenever I cook I try to use as few dishes as possible. If I end up using every pot in my kitchen because I’m making gumbo or something complicated, I rinse those dishes as I go, or while things are simmering or baking. That way the pile in the sink is not as daunting at the end of the process.

I like to make breakfast on the days when I don’t have to go to work til noon. I don’t want cleanup taking up a huge chunk of my getting ready time, so I consolidate. This morning I made bacon and 2 over medium eggs with cherry tomatoes for breakfast! All in one! The bacon grease makes the eggs not stick! Image




I made a huge batch of green salsa last night so that went on top. Mmmm mmmm so spicy!!


Here’s to what will hopefully be a good Wednesday!


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